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How to some tumblr users even do that thing were they put a donation link on their blog and people literally just give them money? Can I do that? Just post selfies to prove I’m hot then be like, alright guys, pay for my college education. Also, I want this fancy vibrator, a plague doctor mask, and 10 pounds worth of Mac loose glitter. 


なるとつめ | 庄田
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❝ And as I grew older I kinda got a little mad that I didn’t see myself up on the screen. And so for years I kept waiting, where’s the, you know, when is the Latina princess going to show up. ❞


Jorge Gutierrez  here

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The most important thing to a shinobi is to be a tool in order to complete the mission. Emotions are unnecessary things.

Edo Minato and Kakashi by shiki.


how dare you play with my nejiten feels game…